Add a Twitter Follow Button to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’ve been viewing other people’s profiles on LinkedIn lately, you’ve probably noticed that those who have Twitter accounts now have a nifty new “Follow” button next to their Twitter @name. However, when you look at your own profile, you’ll notice that even if you have connected your Twitter account(s), you don’t see the same cool button.  The good news is that if you have already connected a Twitter account to your profile via the “Tweets” application, you should have the Follow button; you just won’t be able to see it on your own profile. Have someone else take a look at your profile from their account in order to verify.
twitter follow button on linkedin profile mediavine marketing
If you haven’t yet connected your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile (and get that cool Follow button!), here are the steps to do so:
Open up a new browser window and log in to Twitter.  This will make things simpler. Go back to LinkedIn, select the “More” tab and choose “Tweets” from the drop-down menu.  This will take you to the Tweets application.
tweets application linkedin mediavine marketing
Install the Tweets application by clicking on the Tweets link and following the install instructions.
Tweets application linkedin profile mediavine marketing
You will be asked to authorize the application to connect to your Twitter account (and since you’re already logged into Twitter, it can easily find your account).
authorize twitter app for linkedin profile mediavine marketing
On the Settings tab for this application (image below), I recommend displaying only the tweets on your profile that include #in.  This will prevent every single tweet that you send from updating your LinkedIn profile.  This will mean that only tweets you deliberately plan to share on your LinkedIn profile will appear, instead of some more random tweets that you might send.
manage your twitter settings on linkedin profile mediavine marketing
Save your changes and people will be able to easily follow you on Twitter from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Tarun Nema

    Can it be possible for Facebook too in the next couple of weeks ?? 

    • Daniel Stoica

      That would be pretty cool….

  • Ann Romano

    How do you get the follow button to appear? 

    • Michele Rempel

      You won’t see the follow button on your own profile.  Have someone else check your profile from their profile and they should see it.  

  • onboardinghr

    Time to check your inbox.  647 messages!  Glad spam isn’t an issue with LinkedIn groups.

    • Michele Rempel

      LOL!  You would not believe the number of spam connection invitations I get every day! It takes me a lot of time just to hit “ignore” on them!  

  • Dhanesh

    Yes, please help if it could be added to Facebook as well..

  • Luigi Centenaro

    Ciao! Are you sure that adding Tweets is mandatory?

    it looks like that connecting twitter is enough 

  • Bukola Olayemi

    Thank you for the (needed) information. Done that.

  • Toneendungu

    Niiiice! Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  • Ugljesa

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you. 

  • Daniel Beverly

    Note that the Tweets Application has been shutdown on LinkedIn as of 31 January 2012. 

  • Dhanesh

    Yes, please help if it could be added to Facebook

  • Dhanesh

    I think it couldn’t be added to FB, else we wud have known abt it till now.. :)